Straight Talk, Real Solutions, and Accountability

Drawing on years of diverse business experience, Dave Nettina, an award-winning executive coach located in Albany, works one-on-one with senior business leaders and owners like you to uncover the solutions to organizational and strategic challenges. Often you’re aware of these, but they’ve gotten lost while you were busy carrying out your day-to-day responsibilities. Working from the premise that you know your business best, Dave will challenge your thinking, identifying what you know, as well as the “known unknowns,” in order to reduce the risk of disappointment. Of course, there are always the things we don’t know we don’t know, and Dave will do his best to see if those risks can be mitigated as well. Dave Nettina is not a consultant, and he offers no pre-packaged solutions or prescriptions. Instead, he works with you one-on-one, in person, to build a process customized for you and executable by you. The problem with pre-packaged solutions is they aren’t yours, so you or your organization may not buy into the plan. The plan you build, you own! And your organization is more likely to execute it with success. Dave will be there with you to see the plan through to completion, or to help you make mid-course corrections if necessary. That said, there are still day-to-day distractions that can take you off course. Dave’s role is to hold you accountable to complete the mission. Once the plan is in place and everyone is on board, he will work with you to structure an accountability process to ensure things get done.

Your Executive Coach

As an active listener, Davis Nettina will probe and challenge your thinking. When making commitments, expect him to hold you accountable for getting things done, to break through the distraction, inertia and natural hesitancy to progress. Expect and embrace frank feedback. When you are the leader, where else will you get that?

Looking for Solutions?

Elicit the help of an experienced consultant, who develops solutions specifically for you and your business. A tested organizational strategist, Dave will work with you to develop your team. He has a suite of assessment tools that will help you evaluate whether you have the right people in the right roles; help you develop an accountable work environment; strengthen communications that convey your vision and expectations; and clearly delineate responsibilities.

Want a Solution That Works for You?

Solutions that are individually designed to meet you and your business’ needs, will lead you on the path to success.

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Experienced in rapidly changing markets and merger and acquisition environments, Dave has made the decisions, sometimes painful but necessary, that come with combining organizations, streamlining operations and putting the best people in the right jobs. You can have confidence that the feedback you get comes from having walked in your shoes. Perhaps you find yourself in a family business and at the crossroads of succession planning, or the need to enhance your management team with new or different skill sets. This can be a very challenging time. Dave Nettina has worked in these environments and can be insightful in how to work through these challenges and develop the talent inside and outside the organization to maximize the potential for success. As George Washington said, “… confide in few, and may those few be well tested.” Selecting an executive coach is a very personal thing, requiring a great deal of thought. To have a successful outcome, you will need to be very transparent, or you risk getting great advice for the wrong circumstance. Be sure your executive coach has been well tested and has the experience to provide meaningful and useful guidance. In addition to being a trusted personal coach, Dave is the Chair of the Albany (N.Y.) Chief Executives Group of Vistage International, the world’s leading executive peer advisory organization. In 2012, he earned the distinction of being named Vistage’s 2012 Rookie of the Year.