My Thinking

My experience has taught me that you have two ways to approach the job at hand. The first is to keep your counsel or seek the guidance of paid advisors such as accountants and attorneys. The latter’s advice is limited in part to their narrow field and on keeping you as a client. But when you keep your own counsel you run a risk that what sounds good in your head may not turn out as well in execution.

A second option is to seek an experienced independent advisor, someone who will help you look at the angles you missed and give an unvarnished opinion. For years I walked the floors alone at night because I didn’t know any better.

Here are my thoughts on leadership, accountability and results.

Surviving the J-Curve: Knowing is Preparation


Instituting positive change often involves a period of transition before that change is fully in place and part of the day-to-day routine. Your journey may be as rewarding or as difficult as your preparation. This is especially true of the new CEO or department head arriving on-scene where everyone is sure the company was doing just fine before you came…

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