Veteran business executive David Nettina is Chair of the Albany, N.Y. chapter of Vistage International, the world’s leading peer advisory network. He provides both individual advice and group leadership to top business executives. He helps CEOs, CFOs and business owners improve their assessment skills, see their financial condition more clearly and learn to resolve conflict in a positive manner.

Many have benefited from Dave’s perspective. Here’s what some have to say:

“Dave is an indispensable asset for my business growth and development. He not only understood my complex business model, but was asking the critical questions in 15 minutes. Leveraging his knowledge, experiences and insight, Jan-Pro of the Capital District achieved record sales and profits in the first year of Dave’s involvement.”

– Scott Schroeder
President, JAN-PRO of the Capital District

“Dave has a remarkable ability to cut though the “nonsense” that often clouds the decision making process in businesses. His varied experience in business, and in-depth knowledge of strategic decision-making processes makes him a tremendous value to both novice and seasoned business owners alike. As a business owner who was thrown into my position due to unfortunate life circumstances, Dave’s balanced advice and mentorship has proved invaluable.”

– Cynde Ruggiero,
President NextGen Wireless

“Dave is a focused individual who knows and understands business. His one-on-one coaching sessions help me define both my personal and business objectives. Through his honest approach and reliable accountability, I am able to achieve the results I am looking for.”

– John D. Bennett, MD,
President & CEO, CDPHP

“As a business leader for a public company I rely on Dave to be my mentor, professional coach and confidant. To say the least, he has opened my eyes to new possibilities and perspectives to improve my leadership skills, my results, and my work-life balance. He challenges me to think differently during our one-on-ones and I look forward to time with Dave more than any meeting I have each month. More than anything, I know how much he cares about me, my business success, and the success of my family.”

– Dan Maynard
Vice President, tw telecom inc.

“I first met Dave through Vistage Albany. As Chair, he provides a safe, collaborative space where executives can talk about the challenges they face in their business. His ability to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of my business, and his smart and direct input has allowed me to lean on him for advice and support where I needed it most.”

– John F. Tattersall
President, Frank Murken Products

“Dave is a superb coaching leader. He leads from the heart and as a result is able to bring out the best in everyone he works with. I am a better leader and mentor as a result of our work together.”

– Dr. Timothy Coetzee
Chief Advocacy, Services and Research Officer, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

“I joined the Albany Visage group 18 month ago and can say without hesitation that this group has had a profound impact on my business and me as a CEO. Once a month I sit down with 12 CEOs representing a wide verity of businesses. I bring up current issues or difficult decisions that I am facing and get invaluable input and opinions on how to best handle the situation or concern. I also believe there is an “osmosis” effect that when a group of high level individuals all focused on growth and improvement get together regularly, the ideas and insights generated in the meeting are far superior to that of the same people working alone. Like most CEOs of growing companies I do not have time to spend one day a month away from my business, yet that day is a high point in the month for me and typically my most productive.”

– Tom Kubiniec
President, SecureIt Tactical Inc.

“Dave was instrumental in the development and early growth of my educational technology startup. While I know my field well, I did not have the depth of experience in corporate financial modeling, budgeting or contract negotiations which were invaluable in helping me to see a much more complete picture. With Dave’s valuable, frank feedback, I have been able to grow a healthy startup in a crowded field. I have garnered attention in the market place and maintained a tight focus on the goals Dave helped me identify and clarify.”

– Lynell Engelmyer
President (Chief Wizard) and Co-Founder of The College Application Wizard