Assessing Leadership Qualities to Achieve Your Goals

leadership qualities

Every leader has particular issues they need to work on. My job is to find out what leadership qualities they have and where they need to improve. I assess whether those are the real issues or the symptoms of something else. The process is fairly straightforward. I use the APE2 model to assess:

    • Where are we now? (e.g., opportunity, challenge)
    • What are your organizational, personal guiding principles?
    • What is your organizational vision?
    • Why is it important to you?
    • What have you already done, and what were the outcomes?
    • Set expectations: What do you want, and are you willing to invest the energy and effort to get there?
  • PLAN.
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    • How are we going to get to where we want to be?
    • What are the steps we need to follow to get the result?
    • What resources we have – or need – to achieve the plan?
    • Is the objective of the plan in concert with your vision?
    • When/how will we know we have succeeded?
    • What are the milestones to keep us focused, to re-assess?
    • Monitor milestones and achievements.
    • Re-assess and adjust the plan as needed.
    • Add resources if required.
    • Do we have the result intended?
    • Is there more to do?
    • Lessons learned?

Own Your Problem

Much like physical fitness training, where you own the physical condition you are in, only you can achieve the goals you set. The trainer can develop a plan with you and advise and instruct, but the heavy lifting is all yours.

That’s why I am not a consultant. There is no shrink-wrapped prescriptive solution waiting here. No “take two and feel good in the morning.”

Only you can fix your problem. You are the leader and the demands are great. My job is to help you tap the inner and outer resources available to make the effort successful.

But I won’t work harder than you. So I make sure we have a clear understanding of each of our responsibilities and put in place an accountability process.

You can expect to be held accountable to deliver your end of the bargain. I like winning and prefer to spend my time winning with you.