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Over my 40-year business career, I have been fortunate to have had a wide array of experiences and an opportunity to achieve financial independence. My experiences extend from banking – including formative knowledge in organizational design, “right-sizing” and my first start-up as a de novo bank president – to an accidental transition into the real estate industry. I led real estate organizations through restructurings, an IPO and played an active role in capital markets in both good times and bad. I even had a short tour in the military, which still shapes my views on leadership. Now I have the chance to pursue the things I enjoy versus the things I’m just good at. If you are the kind of person who seeks a confidential sounding board, someone to give you unvarnished feedback without an agenda, please read on. You and I may have something to talk about. But you should know I do this as an avocation, not a vocation. I don’t have any books to sell. I prefer pursuing concrete objectives to help you make the best decisions, limit risk and transform your organization into a winning team. I have several active business pursuits. So I limit this time to people and situations where I feel I can add the most value and achieve meaningful results for you and your organization.

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Diverse Business Experience

My areas of focus parallel my experience in family-owned businesses. I have managed the financial turnaround of a multi-billion dollar private real estate company through a major recession. I am now an active board member of a private company held in trust. I have extensive public market experience as the leader of two publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs). In one, I led an IPO and in the other I headed a successful turnaround/sale. These were dynamic situations that required both financial and organizational planning. I am an active board member of a public company in Albany, New York. I was nominated to the board by an activist shareholder. I stayed because I provided value and earned the company’s trust and confidence. I have extensive experience in both public and private company finance. In practically every case I have been the agent of change. I have been considerably involved in succession management and board development. And I have been the new guy more times than I want to remember. Now I can do what I enjoy. I can put my knowledge and experience to work as a management confidant and trusted coach. I can help executives reach their maximum potential. As a Vistage International chair in Albany, N.Y., I work with chief executives on how to become more effective leaders. I develop plans to help them transform and improve their companies. They learn to make better decisions by assessing risks and opportunities alike so they maximize results.