• Change is hard,
    because we overvalue what we have
    and undervalue what we may achieve.

    - Anonymous

  • People buy into the leader
    before they buy into the vision.

    - John Maxwell

  • Be polite to everyone,
    confide in few and may those few
    be well tested.

    - George Washington

David Nettina

Dave Nettina is an award-winning executive coach and Vistage Chair. He provides business leaders with comprehensive counsel in a confidential setting. As a veteran of startups, turnarounds and reorganizations, he works with family and privately owned company CEOs, CFOs and other key executives and board members to develop actionable strategies to achieve their business, personal and organizational goals.

Staying On Top of Your Game

Where can executives facing major challenges turn for sound advice? How can CEOs, CFOs and business owners develop skills and develop strategies away from the immediate pressure of day-to-day operations? One option is to seek the counsel of someone who has shared these challenges. With more than 35 years of experience in banking and real estate, Dave Nettina has a proven track record as a leader of startups, including IPOs, and turnarounds, mergers in public and privately held family companies. He has led organizations through a number of crises, including unforeseen and abrupt senior management changes and succession, financial challenges, and major employment force restructurings. Over the course of his career he has been a crisis manager, a problem solver, a coach and a trusted advisor. As a board member in both the public and private company setting he is a knowledgeable and proven executive advisor and coach. Having been through the same sleepless nights you have, he is honored to now be a coach, mentor, Vistage Chair and confidant to today’s business leaders so that together you can pave a path less lonely. He now works or has worked with dozens of CEOs and business owners to sharpen their strategic plans, develop their executive teams and find peace of mind in their decision-making.